Staging Reviews

I received the best email yesterday! The thing I love most about staging is that I get to help people accomplish their goals. When a homeowner decides to sell, they are entering into one of life's most stressful situations. Packing and moving is hard! Facing judgement from a bunch of unknown buyers and real estate agents is tough! Wondering how long it will take to sell...torture.

So yesterday, I opened an email from a name I didn't immediately recognize. I had met with her husband to discuss staging recommendations for their home. She received the email from me, but I did not get a chance to meet her. Here's what she sent...

I just wanted to say thank you for all your ideas.  It was rather fun to see our house turn into something different with the changes.  I think we did most of what you suggested and worked hard to get it all done.  I almost wished we had done this sooner, but when you live in a house and you have no's a hard thing to keep up with everything.  There were a few things we ran out of time for, but it didn't deter someone from buying our home in 1 week and I think they were the smallest things on the list really!   Whew!

They sold in a week! That's the best news, when that stress only lasts for a short time for my clients.



Little victories, one at a time, are the best!